Electric Tools or Air Tools, Which One Is Best?

Do you want to purchase tools and don’t know where to start? Do you know the difference between electric tools and air-powered tools? If you want a comparison of these two tools, then this article is specifically designed for you. Every type of tool offers various benefits to its users. Electric tools normally use a battery or power plugs whereas air-powered tools use compressed air. The choice of tool that you want will be influenced by the specific need that the tool is meant to solve. This article will examine both the electric and air tools to help you make an informed purchasing decision


Factors to help you determine whether to purchase electric or air tools




Spending a lot of money to purchase a tool would affect your company cash flow while spending less money might mean that you are not getting the best quality. It is important that you weigh between the cost of the tool and the benefits that it is going to bring into your company.


Air tools are less expensive compared to the electric tools. They are also more durable. But one trick with air tools is that they cannot be operated without an air compressor which is very expensive.


Electric tools need less investment. They have an inbuilt power supply and are expensive compared to the air tools. The good thing is that they do not require a compressor for them to operate.




Electric tools are lighter and can easily be transported from one place to another. They can easily be used wherever there is an electric outlet nearby. It does not limit you as there is no compressor required compared to air tools.


Air tools are also portable because they do not have motors and this makes easier to operate. When connected to compressors they produce more power compared to electric tools.


Disadvantages of using air tools


-Initial cost: The air compressors used in the air tools are generally expensive. It is also hard to find a cheap second-hand compressor into the market.


-Air compressors: The compressors are very noisy and heavy.


-Maintenance; the cost of maintaining the compressor is high compared to that of the electric tool.


Disadvantages of electric tools


-They are generally expensive compared to air tools


-Electric power is required for them to operate


-Power cords are required just like air tools employ hoses


They cannot be interchanged as they are meant to be used for a single use.


Electric Tools or Air Tools, Which One Is Best?


Most professionals always employ both the electric and air-powered tools depending on the type of task and their power requirements. Finally, whether you purchase an electric or air tool should depend on the specific use of the tool.