Tips on Sharpening Your Chainsaw Blade using an Electric Sharpener

Did you know that if your Chainsaw Blade is not sharp or if it’s
not sharpened correctly, it will require a lot more energy from you? Well, no you know. Blunt chainsaw blades are harder through vibrations and will requir a lot of energy from the operator. By now, you are probably wondering what a chainsaw blade is?

Allow me to decipher!!

A chainsaw blade is a cutting tool that is designed with a circular chain. It is driven by a motor and the blade is made up of many interconnected sharp metallic teeth. It is a cutting tool that is used to cut through trees and sharpen the various wood blocks. A little knowledge on why you
need to sharpen your chainsaw blade will go a long way in understanding how to actually sharpen it.

Why you need to Sharpen your Chainsaw Blade

Here is why;



If your chainsaw blade is bucking and burnin through the wood while cutting



If your chainsaw blade is so slow



It is dangerous to cut wood using a blunt chainsaw blade



If you are using more energy than required to cut through wood using your chainsaw



If the waste is dust instead of chips


With that said, it is now clear true you have to sharpen properly your chainsaw blade. So, how do you sharpen your chainsaw blade using
an electric sharpener?


How to Sharpen a

Chainsaw Blade using an Electric Sharpener


Let us quickly dive in!!


1.  Look at the specification of the blade: 


Before you start, first check the manufactures sharpening specifications on the user manual.


2.  Positioning the Chainsaw electric Sharpener


After a brief on the specifications, position the chainsaw blade sharpener on a firm rigid ground so as to minimize and avoid movement of
the blade while sharpening. Also position it, in a place where the chainsaw blade can be installed easily.


3.  Adjust the Swivle angle


Now you have your sharpener in position, place the chainsaw blade in the holder of the sharpener and then adjust the angle of the swivel. A common angle is from 00-600-800.


4.  Adjust the Blade Tooth Angle


Look at the blade tooth angle from the user manual of your
chainsaw blade and adjust it by loosening a knob on the blade holder.


5.  Adjust the depth stop


Adjust properly the depth stop to prevent the grinder of the
sharpener from cutting the metal between the teeth of your chainsaw blade.


6.  Start Sharpening your Chainsaw Blade


Now you are ready to start sharpening your chainsaw blade by
lowering slowly the grinder wheel on the first tooth on your blade. A few
sparks will come out when the grinder touches your blade. Keep the grinder wheel and tooth in contact for a while, then remove it. The inner surface of the tooth will now look shiny. Do this for all teeth.


A blunt chainsaw blade is a dangerously slow way to cut wood. You will use excessive energy and your chainsaw blade will spit out dust
instead of chips. Feel free to use the above guide, next time you want to
sharpen your chainsaw blade using an electric sharpener.